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I'm a chess player, coach, and student;  I love the game and want to improve along with others!

I stream Arena Kings (almost every) Monday at 8pm EST and Friday at 3pm EST

If you are interested in coaching, just email me at

Here is some information about my coaching:

My name is Justin Storn

I can look through the student's games, figure out their weaknesses, and work on a plan from there. I would love to help serious students who wish to improve by creating a formal study plan among other things. 


Here is what I can cover with students:

  • Opening theory
  • Opening ideas
  • Preparation
  • Tactics
  • Strategical ideas
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Endgames
  • Tournament psychology

And whatever you want!

Rates: Currently $25 an hour


  • National Master!
  • Youngest ever Cincinnati Chess Champion
  • Channel 9 wrote an article about me here
  • 3-time Ohio Grade Level Champion
  • 2-time Queen City Classic Champion
  • 2014 Cincinnati Scholastic Chess Champion
  • Tied for 4th at the National Grade Level Championship in Orlando
  • and some other stuff