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About Me:

Current USCF peak: 2182 (CM). Link to my USCF profile can be found here.

Current FIDE peak: 2058 (provisional). Link to my FIDE profile can be found here.

I am 18 years old and am a native English speaker.

My website can be found at www.chessknight.net. My twitch can be found here.

Note: information on website might not be fully up to date.

My amazon reviews (for chess books) can be found here.



1st in 2018 Philadelphia International (U2100)

5th in the 2018 World Open (U2000)

1st in the 2019 Boston Chess Congress (U2100)

Tie for 3rd place in the 2019 Tennessee Championships with IM Ron Burnett

Many students had multi-hundred point rating jumps within months of taking lessons.


I'm an author - I've published 9 books on chessable.com. Some of these were endorsed by GMs.

1.e4: A Comprehensive White Repertoire

GM Rafael Leitao's Sicilian Najdorf

Fighting Anti-Sicilians for the Najdorf player

Crush the Dragon!

Crush the London!

Mop up the Morra

Crush 1.b3 with 1...e5!

Sicilian Sacrifices: 20 annotated games

Short & Sweet: Logozar's 1.e4 repertoire


Price for coaching:

My current price is $30.00 per hour paid by PayPal.

Click here to book a lesson.

How to join the lesson:

For online lessons, I normally use chess.com analysis board with Skype.

If you are unable to use skype we can use chess.com live chat.

If you live in Spring Hill TN and would like in person lessons, send me a message.


What I can teach:

  • Openings. Theory and thematic ideas.
  • Game analysis. 
  • Middlegames. I can prepare a middlegame topic for the lesson.
  • Middlegame ideas also often come up during game analysis.
  • Endgames. Theory and concepts.
  • During lessons, I can teach other areas of chess upon request.
  • I can also help students make a personalized study plan.


Current students:










Note: these lists might not be fully up to date; I might have started taking lessons with more students since I last updated this. Also, students may request to be taken off of this list if they want to stay anonymous.


Former students:

Stephencorelli (Stephen Hoven)


Pradhyumna Prakash








and some others (lost chess.com usernames or real life students).

I was also TheAdultProdigy's second.


Some reviews on my coaching:

"I recently took an introductory lesson from Elijah. This guy is going to be a star. He is very young, but I felt like I was learning from a seasoned Expert or Master (which he will be soon). Great prices, but they are going to go up. He actually spent more time than agreed upon in order to make sure I was pleased and grasping the reasoning behind the moves in the Sicilian. Highly recommended. Right now he is still offering a free introductory lesson. He doesn't try to push his opening repertoire on you...he tailors the lessons to your level, weaknesses, and desires." - Chicken_Monster


"Elijah Logozar is very knowledgeable and taught me about the classics of chess.  I learned so much in a short period of time and had so much fun.  Although he is young, he has an insurmountable grasp of the game.  My rating improved only after a few weeks.  Now my rating is 1930 and I feel comfortable and confident out of the opening.  For the time and cost and friendship, no one can compare." - restraint


"Elijah is a very wonderful person, and I could not ask for a better coach. He helped me very much with my Openings, and I feel very confident playing them. An example- I recently beat a 2000 USCF rated 4 Times with the Prep Elijah had given me against his particular opening (The Grand Prix). Elijah can help teach you opening ideas, such as are very hard to find in a book. My practical play increased by at least 100 rating points after having lessons with him. He also helped me analyze some of my games, and I learned a lot from my own mistakes, that he helped point out. In addition, Elijah is very encouraging, and that alone makes him a joy to be around, a pleasure to work with, and a most qualified coach. I could not recommend a better coach for you.

I only stopped taking lessons from him because of financial reasons, but we still talk a lot. He is a great friend, one that I hope to have for life. I cannot think of any other coach who has the work ethic my friend does, and I think he has a very promising career as a player, and thus, as a coach." - StephenCorelli


"Elijah is my chess coach and he has helped me even within the first few lessons. He goes over the study techniques necessary in order to improve efficiently and emphasizes the importance of tactics and book study. Also, Elijah goes in-depth when offering explanations and makes sure to go over the topic until the student understands. In his lessons, you can also learn based on openings you want to learn, as he recommends but doesn't force certain openings into you. This way, a student can learn chess the way they want to. I highly recommend any aspiring chess player who is wanting to improve to take an introductory lesson as a first step." - @Shadow_Dragon_86

"Elijah has been working with me as my second for months, and the coaching energy, research energy, and vigorous training mentality have only been surpassed by his effectiveness in preparing me for getting playable games in the opening.  Being that I'm working with GMs, I hope my testament to his effectiveness is taken in context: he's not effective as a 1900-something or 2000-something helping me with preparation; his effectiveness is commensurate to 2400+ preparation I'm getting from others.  In particular, my score against the Petroff was 0/4 prior to working with Elijah, and the game I got with his preparation secured a slight advantage in two games, both ending in draws.  Those are points in the elo bank. 

Elijah holds himself to the highest ethical standard --a standard met by the quality of his product production.  Case in point, his "Crush the Dragon" repertoire remains the absolute best book on Chessable (https://www.chessable.com/book-content/8128/), and it's not even with reach of the rest of the competition.  The only opening I didn't need help with before training with Elijah was the Dragon, especially the black side in which I have a 15-month performance rating of 2252 over a couple dozen games.  Yet... Elijah's repertoire on chessable has taught me so much.

Elijah is on track to be a future world-renowned chess trainer, and his name will reside in the pantheon with Dvoretsky, Yusupov, Mikhalchishin, and Marin." - TheAdultProdigy


Send me a private message if you are interested in lessons or have any questions.

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