Flagstaff Chess Club
The Flagstaff Chess Club meets on Mondays between 6 and 8 pm - We are currently meeting at Macy's coffee shop on South Beaver St. All ages and skill levels are welcome, just walk up to a table of chess players and ask to play the winner.  Most games are of the speed chess type (5 or 10 minutes long), though some players prefer more relaxed games and do not use clocks.  Check our Events page for upcoming tournaments!   All games are informal and no USCF membership is necessary. In the past we have sponsored rated speed tournaments and may do so again in the near future. Some players also understand and play GO, Chinese Chess (Elephant Chess), and Japanese Chess (Shoji). The Flagstaff Chess Club also supports NAU Chess Club, Killip Chess Power and other local Scholastic Chess clubs.14 South Beaver StreetFlagstaff, Arizona, 86001flagstaffchess.com/Contact Email: