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22 maj 2021
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I love the yt content keep it up
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I'll be coming out with more content soon! Stay posted!
Jul 24, 2021
Jun 20, 2021
Hey guys Weekly Arenas starting from July. Make sure to invite friends for a chance to join with trophy rewards and maybe i will stream some
Jun 19, 2021
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Listen Up

Listen Up

NBAQueen | 24 korr 2021
Hey Guys so I have Some news for you guys, right now our club is INACTIVE this is horrible so ima need you guys  to be active so we can get this running again
Train Hard Now!

Train Hard Now!

NM SeedToTree | 10 qer 2021
NM Jesse Cohen Fan Club Directory

NM Jesse Cohen Fan Club Directory

NBAQueen | 5 qer 2021
Hi guys! Welcome To the club From The ADMIN Staff From JCFC (Jesse Cohen Fan Club) . This Blog is about the Directory About  The Club! Down below we are going to tell you a little bit about this Club! and Where you should go to get help.  ~Home Page~ (Click here to see the Home Page) Meet New People Make new Rivals Compete In Team Matches   ~Forums~ (Click here to see the Forums) Ask Questions! Get answers Make New friends  Post your Games and analysis  Feel Free To Post anything  ...
First Official News For The Club!

First Official News For The Club!

NBAQueen | 3 qer 2021
Hi Guys! My Name is Lexi and today i'm going to be posting a blog about Chess , like normal people , everyone post Blogs about chess , but mine is going to be unique , Like everyone here! But before i start , I want to give  a shoutout to Jesse and Whizz For creating this Club! And if you are new make sure to join! Click Here to See Our Home Page!! .  Most Humans May think chess is easy . Well Like I say , It  take mind power to Move a Queen but strength to help someone . What I mean is that...
Official Jobs!

Official Jobs!

Striving2NM | 31 maj 2021
Club Blogger: Make one Instructive Post every Week ~ Admin Position ~ up to 2 spots Club Inviter: Do 15 invites every single day ~ Admin Position ~ up to 2 spots Club Daily Puzzler: Make a good puzzle for the Club every single day ~ Coordinator Position ~ 1 Spot Club Weekly Puzzler: Make a good puzzle for the Club once a week ~ Coordinator position ~ 2 Spots Daily Match Coordinator: Make a Daily Match once every 2 weeks ~ Coordinator Position ~ 2 Spots, currently not available until 50 me...
The Evergreen Game Anderssen-Dufresne Berlin, 1852 - Part1

The Evergreen Game Anderssen-Dufresne Berlin, 1852 - Pa...

Striving2NM | 23 maj 2021
Another one of Anderssen's "friendly" games was immortalized when Wilhelm Steinitz, the first official World Champion, dubbed it "The Evergreen Game". It went like this:               1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 The Evans Gambit is another old-time favourite. White sacrifices a pawn so that he can gain time by pushing around Black's Bishop. Modern Grandmasters prefer 4.d3 for a quieter game. 4... Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.d4 Yet another pawn sacrifice. White blows apart the centre in the hop...