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The United Chess Nations is an official team, bearing the certified green tag, established on for over three years now. We started as a common and usual chatting and social team and somehow ended up being one of the most feared teams on the website this year, with a membership of over 6,000 members, including over 100 players rated 2,000+ in daily, 100+ titled players, several staff supporting us, and partnerships with streamers and other great websites like ChessMood and OutpostChess!

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"Yeah, I'm there guys, that's my team. Join the other 7,000 members for exclusive news and special streams! Join the live stream arenas, play me on Twitch, get advises and coaching tips"

Certified Official By Chess.Com chesspawn

We received the precious and rare green tag last year from the website for our amazing work and significant activity! Furthermore, we remain active at an international level and have never denied entry to any player, regardless of their rating, age, or nationality. We're an open team, focusing on the well-being of our members and helping them improve in chess if they wish.

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The team is actively engaged on the team match leaderboard and aims to secure a place in the top 10. We boast a strong team of active players in matches: 979 players actively playing team matches! Moreover, we are competing (and winning) in the Team Match Championship League. We typically challenge larger teams for matches involving 100 players, but we also organize regular smaller matches for 10 players, for instance.

Live Tournaments + Premium Prizes diamond

At The United Chess Nations, we host several live tournaments each week, including arenas and Swiss tourneys, which are open to all club members. Additionally, we offer three Diamond Memberships (sometimes more) every month to club members who win dedicated giveaways and/or tournaments. We are also pleased to provide you with access to special streamer arenas and top content editor events!

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We also place great importance on creating a friendly and calm atmosphere in our club notes and chat for our members. With several moderators ensuring that the chat remains free from toxicity, we assure you that you will always find a welcoming opponent for friendly games and opportunities to meet people from all over the globe. We are an international community and encourage you to share more about where you live and your experiences related to both your life and your chess journey!

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So, what are you waiting for? Join us and discover more about the game of chess. You'll have opportunities to participate in live and daily chess tournaments with prizes! You'll also have the chance to meet new friends. Together, we will conquer the leaderboard, and the success of our team will also be your success! See you there!