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12 korr 2020
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Second Way to Join Chess Tournaments - Latest Update March 9

Second Way to Join Chess Tournaments - Latest Update Ma...

svarog15 | 9 mar 2021
This is another way to join our chess tournaments, it may be a bit simpler then the first way. !ALL IMPORTANT TABS THAT YOU NEED TO CLICK ARE HIGHLIGHTED WITH A RED RECTANGLE! First of all go onto the homepage of our club at this link: Next it should bring you to a page similar to this: The tournaments will always be in the space highlighted by the red rectangle. To join the tournament simply click on the name of the tournament, and it will bring you to a page where there is a big orange ...
Chess Tournament Tommorow!

Chess Tournament Tommorow!

svarog15 | 15 dhj 2020
Hello Virtual Chess Club! Tomorrow at 3:30 we will have one rapid swiss tournament. Each player will be given a time control of 15 minutes. Since it is our last meeting in 2020, we will have a goodbye meeting which will start at 4:20 and end at 4:30 Here is the meeting link: Remember to join with your non-tdsb g-mail account! Also please remember to join the tournament 2-3 minutes before it starts to make sure you get in. Thank you, and I hope to see you ...
Congrats Everybody!!!!

Congrats Everybody!!!!

svarog15 | 18 nën 2020
Congratulations on finishing our second chess tournament! The standings were as follows: 1. @HelmetBoiii (Eric Jin) 2. @ACXing5 (Andrew X.) 3. @svarog15 (Alex S.) 4. @ItsBeeRo (Bianca R.) I encourage everyone to check on more updates on Tuesday once a week, as I usually post news and updates on Monday, and our tournaments and meetings are on Wednesdays. Thank you and have a wonderful Quad 2 everyone! Alex S. 
How to Join our Chess Tournaments - Latest Update February 22nd

How to Join our Chess Tournaments - Latest Update Febru...

svarog15 | 12 nën 2020
Hello Virtual Chess Club members! This is a tutorial on how to join this clubs chess tournament: ! The tabs that you need to click are highlighted with a RED rectangle! To get into the tournament, go to live chess by selecting the second option by hovering over the tab that says "play", and then click on the tournaments tab: After you do so you should see a page like this: Click on the tab that is circled in red. It says "Tournaments" on it. After you click on it you should see a page...