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Top Chess Official
We bring together a community of passionate chess enthusiasts from all walks of life, united by their love for the game. Whether you're a seasoned ...
Masters of the 64 Squares
Hello and welcome to The Masters of the 64 Squares. This club is made to bring together all chess players, whether they are absolute beginners or e...
IM Players
Come in and you are winner. Let’s atrac 180 members. schizzarotto is here and wait you to join this club.
Le Club de la communauté BlitzStream sur chess.com ! Retrouvez nous pour jouer des tournois ensemble sur cette plate-forme de jeu !
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Kings and Queens Chess Club
Hi to All!  We are a club with not too many members, and all of you are invited to be here. All club members are ACTIVE ones. We don't want to b...
Le Cluuubbe
Club de Ruth2929. L' inscription au club est nécessaire pour participer aux arènes et autres événements du club. Bienvenue à vous. Pour être inscri...
UNIBEN PHA220 Chess club
Chess players all have one aim, "TO GET BETTER", we're no different. 
Norske sjakkspillere
Norges Sjakkforbunds lag for norske sjakkspillere som er medlem av NSF og/eller USF.Legg ved kommentar med navn registrert i HyperSys og/eller medl...
Magnus Carlsen's fan club
Hey! Want to find active,cool and strong club? Then congrats,you found it! We are inviting you to join our super active,friendly and strong fami...
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STC Round Robins
A club for Round Robin tournaments at slow time controls (G60+30 and G90+30). We offer double round robin tournaments with 4 players and 6 players....
ThunderClan Club
Welcome! Out of all cats, you will be the one with compassion, and kindness. Our Clan goes by the Warrior Code with loyalty, honesty, courage, ......
Team Scotland
Team Scotland is the official national team representing Scotland in Chess.com daily leagues. Before applying to join Team Scotland, please read w...
US Chess Club 101
This is a US Chess Club. In this club, you can learn from Good Chess players, tactics and Chess Reasoning. We will also Host Tournaments and Vote c...
Charlottesville Chess Club
Charlottesville Club for Chess is for players of all levels, and all ages. Whether you're a student Grandmaster or just retired and learning a new ...
Christian Youth Group
This club is for born-again youths 18 years old and under. Also for those interested in learning about the Christian faith.
Chess University - Kenya
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Kenya who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize an...
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The Great Viking Warriors
Great Viking Warriors is a very active group. We play team matches including Team Match Champions League (TMCL) and TMCL960. We have a very good Vo...
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The Other Club
Welcome to the homepage of The Other Club, also known as TOC! In our community, members are encouraged to engage in discussions on various topics o...
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