Anëtar Platini

My name is Devon Tardie and I am 18 years old and a chess player/blogger/streamer/coach. I live in one of the greatest states in one of the greatest countries ever, Florida USA. I am a Christian. The church I go to is Non Denominational. I have been playing chess since August of 2018 when my best friend @Select_Chicken taught me. It was until during quarantine that I really started improving gaining about 400 rating points in that year 2020. I finally broke the 2000 barrier a few days before my 4 year of playing chess anniversary. I also have something called Aphantasia which basically means I cannot visualize anything. It does make calculating in chess harder. I have only been adopted by 3 people. @rchessmaster1 in bullet and @manudavid2910 in blitz. Also my good friend and biggest helper @Typewriter44 but I don't count that because it was hyper bullet. tongue.png jk Type. I have recently gotten into four player chess a little bit and it has been pretty fun. I also love Portal and NBA 2k. My favorite sport is Basketball and I am a big Celtics fan. Jayson Tatum for MVP! Some other things I have done or I am doing includes, Helping run NSPCL and other NSP leagues, Moderating on twitch for a few channels, gotten first place in a NSPCL season for Chess Family run by my good friend @BoraBoy, And played a few SCC type matches both against good friends @JoshPrice who I got crushed by, and @GoPikachu who I beat by the skin of my teeth. For music I listen to pop, Christian Metal, and some rap. I hope you learnt some things about me. And feel free to send me friend requests or to PM me with any questions. Make sure to check out my Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/chessknight22 My Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcNUbP8-XswMBkRwL9I02g and my blog https://www.chess.com/blog/EvidentRoad