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12 sht 2020
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Hola! This is Kersti Ratas,23, from Talinn, Estonia. I have some special likes and favorites, to which I adhere at any cost! I lost my parents when I was 18 and, then I grew up on my own in solitude. I always would feel lonely until one sweetheart friend Anne came into my life and changed its dimensions. She lives with me and for me, same is my case. We both are like sisters. I am sometimes nerdy! I am sometimes silly! I am sometimes pathetic! But, I never get rude or offensive. I love 💘 all and expect reciprocation. Here is the list of my likes 👍 and dislikes 👎 LIKES 1. I love 💘 gymming and staying fit. 2. Partying and chatting. But please don't be rude! 3. Photography 4. Sharing my ideas and opinions with others, and knowing their perspective. 5. Traveling and exploring beautiful places. 6. Fancy becoming a model. But God knows! 7. I LOVE 💘 💗 ♥ 💓 ANNE AND REALLY ENJOY HER COMPANY. SHE IS MY HEART! WE BOTH ARE LIKE HAVING TWO BODIES WITH ONE SOUL OR VICE VERSA!! DISLIKES 1. LIicentious or rude comments on my photos. 2. Stalking. 3. Demanding and intrusive. 4. Being unrespectful towards me. 5. Unsolicited proposals and images. 6. Trial to intimidate me. 7. Taunting me after having defeated me! 😛😛