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Ron Brown

Red Deer, Alberta, Kanada
I'u bashkua
25 mar 2008
Hyrja e fundit në sistem
2 ditë më parë
19 377
5 279
Ndihmojmë anëtarët që nga 22 sht 2008

currently starting spring yardwork to spread compost, dig garden, clean up mess from winter.

I read My System and got serious about chess, twice. I can teach a four year old how to play chess and eventually they beat me. I play pool, sip scotch, and drink vodka and tonic. I hunt big game, and fish. I like to garden, compost, prune fruit trees, grow apples and cherries, and get my hands in dirt. For many years I have raised tropical fish including betas, catfish and anglefish. I am a home maintenance handiman doing wiring, painting, and I hate plumbing.  I used to work as an Information Technology developer using Oracle SQL PL-SQL, forms and systems life cyle methodologies. I liked to develop the database design to solve the whole business problem so as to have a solid foundation for the functionality to be added later when budget, resources or schedule run short on the initial project.  Now I am retired and working as a handyman catching up on 4 years worth of renovations to our house and garage.

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