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I am a 61 yo expatriate Brit. Originally from London, I live in Simi Valley, California. Or SoCal to the locals. Hence my decision to declare myself "International". I run a small software company that provides point of sale software to dry cleaning stores. We run on top of Linux, having been Linux (and before that) Unix advocates all the way to the early 1980s.  Chess has been with me since I was 6 yo when I was intrigued watching two older boys at school playing. My first game was a "4 move mate". And I was the victim. But within a few weeks those boys were not keen to play me! I learned fast.  I played a lot during my schoolboy years, for my school, and my senior school. I attended the first All-England Prep School Chess Congress, lasting 27 moves against an English GM who was playing all the boys round-robin. Sorry, I don't recall his name.  I then played only intermittently after moving to the states when I left school in the UK. In 1986 I had the good fortune for about 8 weeks to play most days of the week at lunch time against a US Master.  We were consulting with companies that were in adjacent offices in a building in Escondido (San Diego North County).  It was a few weeks before he told me he was a titled player. I learned a lot that summer!  In the summer of 2015 I was playing Chess online every day against a friend of mine, when he and I stumbled across I was blown away by the site as I looked around and discovered the opportunity to play good Chess everyday against quality opposition, and would have the opportunity to move up in class by virtue of merit. I'm open to playing anyone, regardless of ranking. I can be a teacher to a novice, or a pupil to a guru. Bring it on! If you like to play live but in a slower manner I am up for it.  I joined the Slow Chess League here just for that.  Other things outside Chess. I have been married since 1992. I am the father of two extraordinary over-achieving young men who are both Eagle Scouts and superb musicians. I am a BSA Chess Merit Badge counselor.  I am a member of the electronic/symphonic space-rock trio Systems Theory and the show host for the weekly 4 hour "Through The Looking Glass" program on Deep Nuggets Radio Freeform radio the way it was on American FM in the golden age from 67-82.  Rock, jazz, space, prog, psych, blues, jam.  No restrictions.  In my spare time (such as I have) I am working on two science-fiction novels. I am also the past President of the Simi Sloggers Cricket Club which plays in the Los Angeles Social Cricket Association (a very low-key fun-first not very competitive league). Though with the state of my knees these days playing cricket is more wishful hope than reality.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.