My older brother, taught me how to play Chess when I was about 12 years of age and would beat me mercilessly (at chess) until I got good enough to be able to beat him.

Introduced to competitive junior chess on the City, State and Club level by Manuel Weeks (who has since gone on to become a FIDE Master).

Competed in City, State and National Junior tournaments in the early to late 80's.

Competed at Club (St George Leagues) and Inter-club Level as a junior in Open tournaments.

Competed in and won the Sydney Schools tournament in 1987 as Team Captain for Sydney Technical High School winning all my games playing Board 1.

Stopped playing chess completely to focus on my studies in final year of school.

Played almost no chess for the next 25 years.

Introduced to online chess (via in 2010 by my brother. Started playing actively again in 2015.

I also enjoy playing competition Tennis.
More important than any achievements on the chessboard was discovering that Jesus Christ is the answer to all my needs as he said

"I make all things new ...I have come that you may have life- life in all its fullness."