Hi. Im 14 years old. I joined around December 2020 after a friend introduced it to me. I only found interest in the game around March 2021 and been studying and playing chess since. During that time, I reached mid 1500 Rapid, 1600 Blitz and 1700 Bullet

I like to workout(weightlifting) as Im want to build an aesthetic body (aka make more gains) improve in general like reading and meditating. also like to watch anime from time to time such as Attack on titan, Death Note, One Punch man etc... I also play a little bit of the piano and do a bit speed cubing. My goal is to reach 2000 in any time format . Shoutout to @hiryanli for making my pfp and the banner for my club.

Great Self-improvement channel you should check out:

Best win in a rated rapid game

Best win in a rated blitz game

Best wins agains titled players in rated games

 join My club if you want. Trophy to everyone who joins. 

Thats is all ig and have a nice day