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I am 17 years old and am discovering that chess.com is the best online chess site! I have a group that you are welcome to join. And I have several blogs our there, go see them! Here is the link for my group:


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I am also a chess composer, here are my two greatest master pieces:


This video made on chesskid.com(which is managed by chess.com) was made from my game:























































I am also promoting two petitions to the Washington state government and one more to the federal governemnt.  

Petition #1:

Say "NO" to Rabies And Other Problems Caused by Wildlife

Nearly a year after Washington state voters banned most forms of trapping, landowners, wildlife officials and trappers say they're dealing with the consequences.  Dam-building beavers flood timber land.  Coyotes snatch more lambs.  River otters treat salmon hatcheries as all-you-can-eat buffets.  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is even posting signs that look like this in the woods to warn people of rabid raccoons.
Initiative 713 bans the use of body-gripping traps to capture any mammal for recreation or commerce in fur.

This petition requests that part of Initiative 713 be amended and that the Washington state government legalize trapping during the general trapping season with padded body gripping traps for the good of our state.

Many people in our fair state have the false impression that ALL body gripping traps are downright cruel.  This isn’t always true, because when people think of body-gripping traps they think of steel traps with razor sharp teeth that break the leg of their victim.  But padded traps are a painless, more effective and yet still a humane way of trapping.   As seen in the video below.

You may be thinking why not just use cage traps*? Good question, cage traps are not nearly as effective as padded foot traps, which is the reason that trappers haven’t been nearly as successful** after Initiative 713 was passed.  This law has caused populations of certain animals to rise, creating an imbalance in the Eco-system.  This has resulted in too many otters eating salmon, wolves snatching lambs, raccoons passing rabies to humans and other animals etc.

Padded traps also aren't bad for the environment because the population of fur bearing animals regularly goes up in the spring, because the carrying capacity*** for wildlife goes up, animals are born then in the winter when the carrying capacity goes down.  The surplus animals usually die of starvation, disease or predation. 

In comparison padded foot-hold traps cause way less suffering to the animal that will likely die anyway.

The idea of padded traps being illegal is very illogical because it indirectly threatens human lives.  Who could justify that?

*A cage trap is a device that the animal walks into to get some bait inside, and steps on a trigger which closes the door.
**Trapper success reports can be found here: http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/harvest/
***The carrying capacity is the number of animals that one habitat can safely support.

Go here to sign.

William Aho

Petition #2:

Protect People and Livestock from Cougars, Bears, Coyotes and Bobcats

Ever since initiative 665 was passed in 1996 banning the aid of dogs while hunting cougars, bears, coyotes and bobcats wildlife officials, landowners and hunters say that we’re dealing with the consequences.
All of these animals have been known to attack humans and livestock, and until 1996 there have been very few dangerous incidents from cougars, bears, coyotes and bobcats.  Since then, dangerous incidents have more than doubled.
The reason that hunters like to use dogs to hunt these animals is because they are all very illusive and hard find. Ever since initiative 665 there has been a very steep decline in the harvests of cougars, bears, bobcats and coyotes.
This petition requests that initiative 665 be repealed so that all of us can feel safer in the Ever Green State.

Go here to sign.

William Aho
Petiton #3:
Don't Let Aisan Carp Ruin Our Rivers
Asian carp can out-compete native, sport, and commercial fish; remove native vegetation; decrease dissolved oxygen levels; increase turbidity; disrupt food webs; and introduce parasites and disease. Certain species (silver carp) have been known to jump forcefully out of the water in response to noises or lights, injuring boaters and breaking boat windshields.
Without a doubt Asian carp are a big problem that could ruin our rivers. It's time that we do something about it. We must compel the Federal Government to make it legal to humanly shoot these destructive fish before the completely take over our rivers.
This would really help control it's population because carp like to come up to the surface of the water in the early morning. This makes them very easy to shoot.
So do you really think that we should just stand idly-by and let the carp ruin our rivers? I say "NO"! And you should too!
Go here to sign.

William Aho
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