im nice goofy i play alot im loyal as a freind i can also be mean if someone disrepected me or disrespect someone im cool with or my people looking for new freinds havent played chess in awhile not searching for drama if u bring drama around me thats not cool amigo imma just let u know that block button is gonna get yuh and jerald theres a cow outside its a cow farm theres gonna be cows outside lmaooo  and btw if u werent on my cool people list that meant we nerver were cool and i ended u  block deleted tf youre gone happy.png if  im not a baddie then just call me bhad bahbie then bhad ash ty very muchhappy.png I MEAN WSP JAY JAY SO ROCKY SQUAD  IM A GIRL ALSO I GUESS IM CHILL LOL IF U LURKIN THIS IS NONE OF
TALK TO MY AS Bhappy.pngfav youtuber  so far i have more tho  kIng vader alsohappy.png

also favorite tv show supernatrual i dont watch grays and atomey like that no more sense i started watching supernatrual well u know xd anyway bye.


slutty sonny:}    and xxxtentacion:} 

                     sight thats it and ik yall lurking-__-and that other dude is slutty sonny ight -_-   and i also can be a bully sometimes so if i am then no offence xd and im 18  dont ask for socials cuz thats also none of yo buissness and um toxic but you know im a nice person depends lol.    People im cool with  @BIGpapa132 my babes<3    @spring_trap_fan @hawaiian_jay28  @JohnSmithJay    @kane-2005         @icyjay1     @TheMindFlayer2  @lollyrio   @Learn_Finder  @hunterbharv2  @etothetaui3   @theog1-o  @hermanomenor3 @Mrnoodles1234  @NBAQueen  my twin queen<3  @LoverGirl2005  @ UchihaMadara450  @babyfaceniyah @2valid_slimee @ mikenzie its alot anyway ty for lurking xd-_-  i mean sh i did say mukbang but is u paying??? jokeing xd boys alway pay sometimes btw but anyway if u could also follow me i would love that if u think im mean  or sum in im really not im just crac head mode mostly anyway i love x and slutty sonny   just so many people i cant trust so yeah heres some music i f withappy.png   (      (     ( i have more songs btw i dont feel like putting theme tho COPY AND PASTE  BTW PEEPShappy.png   BTW IF U AINT RICH AND WANT TO KNOW WAT I WANT JUST GET ME FOOD  OR A PUPPY TY VERY MUCH AND THATS WAT I WANTTTTTTTTThappy.png  SRRY:if it says u dont exist im srry im trying to get everyone who is special to me if there not special to u then thats not my problem ty and thx for reading heres yo award.
diamond.pngthumbup.pngplatinum.pngpin.png♥️❤️💜♥️💙♥️🤎♥️🖤♥️🤍♥️🧡♥️💚♥️❤️♥️ OK I KNOW U WANT ANOTHER REWARD XD HERE U GO LOL AND IM KINDA A DEMON I SMILE AT U AT NIGHT JK LOL ALSO FOLLOW ME AND FREIND ME DONT BE SHY😁💙  takeing a break i will miss u guys u have a piece of my heart so dont break it<3