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How will Garry Kasparov do in the St. Louis rapid and blitz?

Kasparov will win and show why he is the best ever. ([[ getPercent(5930, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(5930) ]])
Kasparov will be in the hunt for first and keep up with today's top players. ([[ getPercent(5932, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(5932) ]])
Kasparov will put on a good show and finish in the middle of the pack. ([[ getPercent(5934, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(5934) ]])
Kasparov will be overwhelmed by modern chess and finish toward the bottom. ([[ getPercent(5936, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(5936) ]])

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