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angus sullivan

long island, new york, USA
23 okt. 2018
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Stödmedlem sedan 26 okt. 2018

angus m. c. sullivan from long island, new york -- a bit about me:  i attended SUNY Stony Brook and then the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the early 1990s but i withdrew midway through before getting my degree.  i finally got my Bachelor of Science in math, science, and technology from Empire State College in 2009. another hobby of mine is learning to code apps in Swift for ios. i was born in the year bobby fischer became world champion, 1972.  i've been playing internet chess for about two decades, but i'm still not that great considering all the time i've spent playing. i took a ten year semi-break from internet chess from 2009-2018 but i am now fully immersed back in the chess world again here.  i feel somewhat proud that despite my lower ratings i have managed to occasionally beat some titled players (at least over the internet).  i joined the uscf and chess.com in october of 2018 and i am now trying to reach a respectable rating in OTB 90-minute when i can get to a rated tournament event on long island.  it is at least a one hour drive to get to the closest uscf affiliated tournament site, so presently i'm focusing on online games which is of course a totally different style of play. i think i'm better at bullet and blitz chess than at slower paced, "real" chess... thanks for reading and enjoy your games!

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