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18 Mei 2019
2 hrs ago
16 hrs ago
World Premier League + Clubs The group organizes and hosts the World Live Chess Premier League at Please join this league -
So much things to say... But an injustice and a fraud remain untoucheds!!
2 days ago
Issues in clubs: 1) do you allow politics/religious discussions or not? 2) do you have rules and policies - or not? 3) do you have policies about blocking - muting - banning? If you allow politics - hold on to your hats ! Lol ! It can be done though. Regarding 'rules' I prefer 'policies' myself - its more honest and practical that way. Regarding blocking and muting and banning - they can all be discussed in these notes right here. But like to politics - people get sensitive.
2 days ago
15 new members in three days in a club looks normal. Invites go out at up to 30 at a time.