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Enschede, The Netherlands
23 Mei 2019
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1 hr ago
And keep the board 3 feet away from any monitor, PC, etc. If nothing else helps DGT have a description of how to adjust the sensitivity of the board here: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/digital-game-technology-2021/downloads/Repair-manuals/Diagnostics-procedure-repair-of-an-e-Board.pdf . If it is new you could get your dealer to adjust it for you (if it is local).
Are you using it on a metallic surface? That can disrupt the piece detection.
Just bought a DGT Set with rosewood bluetooth board + ebony weighted pieces. The problem is not all pieces are deing detected correctly on all squares. How to fix this?
8 days ago
I played with mine at my club tonight. It was awesome! Sent a pgn of the saved games to the other players.
The journey for me is looking for a site that has them for sale =(