WWCA,  World Wide chess addicts
For all of those that love chess and who believe that chess is not just a game, a sport or an art only, but a way of life.We are a group that knows we must play chess, as sure as we know we must breath, therefor making us chess addicts, when we are in bed we think of games we played, openings we may use in our next attempt at the kings game. All we expect is you have fun, quit little to none of your team matches, and make your fellow addicts - chessmen feel welcome,bickering and slander will not be tolerated here at WWCAW, NOR WILL SEXUAL COMMENTS, TAKE IT TO A CHAT ROOM, BUT NOT WWCAW'S CHAT, we are family,and We are about chess,our almost uncontrollable desire, and need to play kings game, with honor for the game & respect for our fellow chessmen. Together we stand and care for each other in our team battles against other chess.com groups, we welcome all skill levels, good luck an have fun your friend SHARK.
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