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Club Coronación
This is the Club Coronación. A club where you can play daily matches against other clubs and have fun meeting people. If you want to know more abou...
Archess Sunday
Archess Club - Kỳ hội Kiến trúc Nơi gắn kết các kỳ thủ sinh viên khu vực đại học Kiến Trúc Hà NộiFanpage: Em...
club de ajedrez de secundaria
club para jugar partidas y torneos de ajedrez compas.
Circolo Scacchi Cirié
Club riservato a soci, ex soci ed amici del Circolo Scacchi Cirié Sede: Via Luigi Cibrario 16, c/o Istituto Troglia, Cirié map:
Chess fun group
Rules# Be friendly ! No arguments! Do jobs well If any problem inform me If a tournament is organized everybody should join Jobs# 1. Inviting  2...
Chess Players of African-Descent
This is a group for players of African Descent!  We work constantly to embody a sense of community that exist in the, "e" and in the "real" worlds!...
Improve your chess
My name is Kyrylo Demchenko, I am the chess coach and this group was created for my students only, like place where they will able to play in tourn...
Premijer liga BiH
Ovo je klub za kapitene timova Premijer lige BiH
Tortoise Chess Club
A team for 5-14 day match play.
Chess _and_nature
Hello!  Please enter we have to reach 250 in October . 🙏🏻. The club is friendly (sometimes). Here we play chess for votes and and in tournaments.  ...
Команда Дружба создана на основе двух шахматных школ города Арамили и посёлка Октябрьский, так же в ней играют наши друзья из Свердловской области....
Welcome to TMCL960. Our group is composed of all admins whose group(s) participate in the 960 Team Match Championship, an annual team match tournam...
We wish to help improve people’s lives by learning, sharing and playing chess. 
Caro-Kann Cutthroats
Focused on the Caro-Kann Defense, this unique group offers team matches, vote chess matches, and an active forum for Caro-Kann discussion. It is ou...
Chess Companion
This Club is only for Myanmar nation. Thank you. အောက်ဖော်ပြပါ Admin များ၏ facebook Messenger သို့မိမိ၏ (အမည် ) (ဖုန်းနံပါတ်) နှင့် (ချက်ကွန်းအကော...
Liverpool Fans
This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide. To be a member of this group you have to be a geniue Liverpool Fan. We are an acti...
Anime And Chess Forever
hi! This is a club for people who love chess and anime! everybody is welcome to join! a.k.a, chess matches, weekly posts, and surprise for your B-D...
Malaysia Chessers
Hi, this is a club for Malaysians, but are also welcome to have you from another country. We are trying to bond as much Malaysians and grow strong...
The Great Viking Warriors
Great Viking Warriors is a very active group. We play team matches including Team Match Champions League (TMCL) and TMCL960. We have a very good Vo...
Great Lakes Live Chess League
The Great Lakes Live Chess League has live tournaments every single day at various time controls and we will be starting the 30|30 league in Decemb...