16 Jun 2014
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1 day ago
Idadi ya alama

This is one of my favorite games, and the only game that I have ever played for which the computer analysis said I had no blunders, no mistakes, and no inaccuracies.  My opponent also did not have any glaring blunders. Giving up his queen was forced, if you examine the position carefully:


This one was fun also, because of the amount of material that I sacrificed to get the checkmate.

White's 26th move was a fatal mistake, although it is hard to see.  If he had played Kf1, the best I could have done would be a draw by perpetual check.  It could be that White saw that Kf1 might have led to a draw and wanted to avoid it because he had such a large material advantage, not seeing that after Ke2 I had a forced mate in 3.