YOU CAN SEE SOME INFORMATION ABOUT LESSONS, STUDYING, BOOKS AND DVDs HERE Chess helps you in developing and organizing your mind and your thoughts and for someone like me who loves mathematics it is always a challenge to search for all the possibilities and combinations. I enjoy commenting on the puzzles and sharing my thoughts with the others. I play real OTB rated games. If you want to become a great player don't mimic my training schedule, my opening repertoire and my style in general, you won't gain anything because I entered real competition chess in a late age. I also play against the "chessmaster10" at home, because it is the only opponent who is available when I have free time, accepts the time controls I want, offers all levels at my disposal to choose and would never say "no". Sometimes I play on this site as well. However, I have lost my will for many online and live games because of cheating. BAN THE CHEATERS WHEREVER THEY ARE.


I NEVER FELT THAT THERE IS AN ECONOMIC CRISIS IN GREECE. IT IS A CRISIS OF VIRTUES AND NEW IDEAS. Watch my youtube channel with the same name "bgianis". Read my post in the off topics