I have been playing chess since 1990 (since the age of 5). I'm a semi-professional player and a chess coach. I'm here to relax . So don't expect a prominent play from me. But I won't make my moves like a beginner as well.  100% human play, I'm too old and lazy to cheat. In Live chess I'm a vigorous flag player. I HATE Fischer time controls (they give slow players more chances and this is absolutely wrong) and always have terrible rating drops when I play them. I don't like Arena format much, it is not about good play or chess skills it is about player's stamina. I don't play for the dead and half-dead teams and I won't admin any lethargic team I just have no time and desire to do the way. career:

Online chess: TMC 2010 Second prize winner (Slavic Pride). Had almost 10 medals as Vasyl_Puzanov [my previous nickname here and real name] (2009-2011) Daily chess elo max: 2458 (nickname: Vasyl_Puzanov, 2009) 5th Thematic Tournament - Benko Gambit (2001-2200) - Final round. 4th place. (nickname: Vasyl_Puzanov, 2009)

Live chess:

Bullet elo max: 1877

Blitz elo max: 1962

Rapid elo max: 2045

Fischer chess | Chess 960 elo max:  2020


Puzzles elo max: 1746 (yes, not a very attentive solver)