Diamond Member

Hi! I'm GM_chess_player. Previously known as 1400136896. 

I started playing chess when I was 4. When I was 8, I discovered I wasn't very active at first, but in January of 2017 I started to play on here more often. 

My goal in chess is to get CM/NM in OTB chess. I'm pretty far from there, but hopefully I can get to that level eventually. 

DA GOALS for 2021 

- 2000 Bullet (achieved, then tilted sad.png, then achieved again, then tilted again.) 

- 2000 Blitz 

- 1700 Rapid  - DONE! 1700 RAPID! New Goal: 1800 rapid

- 2500 Puzzles

- Make friends. (lol im very lonely)

links to other chess websites - Main On Lichess - Not using it anymore - Alt On Lichess (Mainly for bullet, hyperbullet, and ultrabullet)

I am am an expert at hyperbullet chess, so if you need any advice you can come to me!

[edit] no im not an expert I suck lmao

yep. so. this is the end of my profile, thanks for taking the time to read it. 

have an amazing day!