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Hello there! I'm Josiah, a long-time chess player and a regular player and team coordinator. I'm currently an administrator in the The Great Viking Warriors, the only team on with GM @MagnusCarlsen in it. Our team has over 1400 members, and we have been placed as one of the six Division A teams in the prestigious Team Match Championship League. If you have interest you can join The Great Viking Warriors here.

I am also proud to be the owner of one of's top 25 Vote Chess Teams. We have surpassed 1500 team points in an almost record amount of time, and have set several vote chess world records along the way. Please join us at International Vote Chess Team if you have interest and meet our team criteria!

If neither of the last two clubs interested you, you can join Chess960 Society, a club that caters to both Chess960 and regular chess players. We are a medium-sized (200 members) but very active club that participates in TMCL960 and several other competitions. You can join us here at Chess960 Society if you meet our team criteria and would like to participate in our journey as a team!

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