Hey, guys! My name is Zachary (Isaac) Snow II, I'm a 17-year-old USCF Candidate Master from Alabama. I've been playing chess for over 9 years, and will probably play my whole life. I’m working hard to reach the NM title, and with my 2104 USCF rating, I believe I can get there soon.

I used to stream chess on Twitch, at, for a few hours every weekday, but I'm now taking a break. When I do stream, I'm more of a talk non-stop, a super chatty streamer who is very interactive with chat and enjoys entertaining everyone. All good vibes, yessir! If that appeals to you, do stop by the stream when I'm live and say hi, I'd love to chat with you wink.png

I also blog on, now as a Top Blogger, mostly reporting on recent otb events I played in, and sometimes I'll just write about something that interests me! Go check it out if you want, I work hard on these so you guys can enjoy them! 

In my opinion, doing something you hate as a job, even if it pays well, will only make you hate your life, because you'll always be grumpy or annoyed about your job. Therefore, you should absolutely do something you actually enjoy for a job. That's why I'm going to start coaching chess! I'd primarily like to teach beginners since I am experienced teaching beginners, but I could teach intermediate players too, or really anyone lower-rated than I wink.png

My coaching style tends to be very patient and calm, I'd rather not rush through everything I teach and have the student not understand something. For beginners, the focus will largely be teaching them the basics and fundamentals of chess. After that, we'll focus on opening, middlegame, and endgame principles, while building up their tactical and positional senses at the same time. I charge $30 per private lesson, $20 per group lesson, and will use zoom and to teach, preferably once a week. If you are interested, just pm me or leave a note and I'm sure we can work something out!

In my 8+ year career, I've had a few nice accomplishments. As of this writing, I am the 2-time Alabama Highschool Chess Champion, 2-time Alabama Quick Chess Champion, and 2-time Alabama Dual-Rated Chess Champion. I'm Alabama's highest-rated scholastic player and am in the top 100 for my age in the nation, as well as top 15 in Alabama (top 5 if you take out the inactive players who never play). I've played in over 800 USCF-rated tournaments, playing over 4,300 USCF rated games along the way (I definitely have experience wink.png), and I have had the honor of representing Alabama in the Denker Tournament of Highschool Champions in both 2019 (2.5/6) and 2021 (3.5/6, I think the best score by an Alabamian in the Denker since 2007 surprise.png). I've been lucky enough to play well-known GMs Benjamin Finegold and Jennifer Yu in simuls, and even managed to earn draws vs both of them! Additionally, I have soundly defeated IM Eric Rosen in otb blitz, so that's pretty pog. I know you probably don't care about my little chess "resume" here, but it's still here tongue.png

So yeah. Thanks for reading. Cya around!