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I started playing chess when I was about 5 years old just learned how to play from friends and played for fun. I always had a natural gifting for it, as the years went by I rarely was beaten in chess even by adults, up until about the age 11 when I played my first real opponent. Now he was probably only about 1200 cc rating but for me at the time I hadn't even looked at a single chess video, had never done a puzzle. But I gave him a good run and almost beat him. After losing though I decided I wanted to learn chess so I never lost again. But then... my plans changed, I moved on with life forgot about my desire to learn chess. Till I moved to Myanmar (Yes I lived and Myanmar and was there during the military coup stories but not enough time.) where I met a man taught me how to really play chess. I learned opening principles and some simple tactics. However... after a few months I grew bored, and I was tired of losing all the time to him... So I quit.     

Fastforward 4 years, I started to get into chess again not really sure how it started but this time I was 100% not going to stop. Through 10 months of playing, studying, watching videos, I finally got to my goal. 2000 rapid, During that time I joined chess leagues (which I think greatly improved my chess) and met lots of people on cc that I loved to play with. Which comes to now... As most of you know I started streaming on twitch (link down below wink.png) Which has made me tilt in chess haha but I enjoy it and its helped me enjoy chess even more so thats what counts.

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