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 On leaving school worked for BP as a ship navigating officer.Travelled all over the world for many years. I then worked as a coastguard officer based in N Ireland.

I did an open university degree in mathematics and taught the subject in a local further education college.

learned to play chess when at sea, a long time ago, and have taken it up again in recent years.(still pretty useless but showing slight improvements).

Now retired .Summers are spent sailing in my 30ft moody yacht.Most recent long distance was a sail to the Azores. Mostly though I sail Isle of Man, west coast of Scotland and various Irish ports and islands.

My interests are chess, doing watercolours.walking the dog and drinking loads of Jameson.(an Irish Whiskey).

Believe it or not but happily married and loads of grandchildren have grown from that.

My hates are religious bigotry ,tribalism in Northern Ireland,((and elsewhere).