I am a 12-year old girl who loves chess.  I'm one of the highest rated girls my age in the United States, and I want to become a professional chess player.  And I enjoy travelling.  One of my favorite things to do is to travel to a new place for a chess tournament or chess camp.  

I also enjoy juggling, reading, running, working in the garden, and playing with my 2 little brothers.   And I love animals, and eat a vegan diet.  I think that people should be kind to animals, kind to our planet Earth, and also kind to other people.  Black Lives Matter!  

Here is my USCF page:

Here is my FIDE page:

Here I am doing some juggling - 

I can juggle 3 rings too, but I don't have a video for that.  I'm working on learning to juggle 5 balls and also 4 rings, and hopefully also 4 clubs eventually, but progress has been slow.