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I 'm: very old man:) :( and very important...""" ARTIST of LOVE"""....and..... very important site.. This site can be read in English and in Franch by clicking on the flags of both country....... In the period 30.10-06.11.2011 symposium takes place"" Archangels Week""(ANGELS WEEK) in the following countries:Romania Bucharest town,England London town,Sweden city Karlskrona ,Italy in Genoa city and Hungary in Budapest city. When changing our live on this planet is very close!!Hope that it brings the wonderful things we hope,secretly in our hearts. Beetween September and December ,will be very interesting things on our planet!A kiss for everyone And, I do not know how many things are certains in this world ,but for the open and very attentive,the existence of God is sure,one billion percent!! seeing! magnificent! angel world.....this world there perfectly real and accessible to all ..Here you can see a manifestation of this world .. Bean"s dance!!,Music,Music for about love and friendshiptrue friends are a race, extraordinarily rare...This rare breed of friends, believed to be their happiness and yours. Festival 2012-Electronic MUSIC.....""When people are thinking the same thought,When people will love the same love,Then heaven will be on earth.""Then everyone will say: I love my lifeAnd they could say: Today is the best day of my life! And this every day!, real angels are very resourceful .... and never alone images of planet earth, flowing in a very musical background!--Loreena Mc

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