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Hi, thanks for viewing my profile page!

Yay!  I won a 2900 bullet ( @ItachiUchiwah ) https://www.chess.com/live#g=14304453245

Trying to get 2600 puzzle rating as fast as I can ( Timer is started when I restart my Puzzle States) Fastest - 54 Minutes, Amount of attempts - 3

10 y/o, top 10 in Canada for my age (CMA ratings only)

I versed Agadmator and beat him!  ( On lichess ) https://lichess.org/TOqNdPm6#102

I have stopped playing on chess.com for now, and have migrated to lichess.  Will be back playing on chess.com in 4 months.  

Lichess account: BigTrustedCrabby ( https://lichess.org/@/BigTrustedCrabby )

Feats (On lichess) : 

Top 300 in King of the hill
Top 400 in 3-Check
Top 500 in Ultrabullet
Top 500 in 960
Top 1000 in Crazyhouse

Hit 2000 Blitz on lichess
Hit 2100 Bullet on lichess
Hit 2300 in Puzzles on lichess
Hit 55+ in Puzzle Storm

2200 Blitz by the end of June (lichess)
2200 Bullet by the end of June (lichess) ✅ 

Peak Blitz rating: 2090/2200
Peak Bullet rating: 2236/2200
Peak Ultrabullet rating: 1999/2000
Peak Crazyhouse rating: 1908/2000
Peak 960 rating : 1941/2000
Peak King of the hill rating: 1924/2000
Peak 3-Check rating: 1863/2000
Peak Antichess rating: 1577/1700
Peak Atomic rating: 1479/1700
Peak Horde rating: 1977/2000
Peak Racing kings rating: 1473/1600


School I go to :  Silver Stream Public School ( Gifted school) (Located in ontario)