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Latest update (Friday March 13th, 2020)

Scroll down to see some of my Youtube videos, some information about chess coaching, and some nice chess.com teams))) Thanks for visiting my profile))). I speak English. Hablo Español. Я говорю по-русский немного))).

Hey everyone! How are you? My name is Daniel and I live in the state of Utah. For some reason I always kept playing chess throughout my life, even in one of my swimming teams when I was younger, some of my swimming teammates also played chess! I remember that the way they played their moves showed they knew some theory, while I played by complete instinct for a long time!, even now sometimes happy.png

But eventually I was able to figure out that there were people playing chess online, and there were strong chess masters such as my coach Bobby Fischer happy.png that recorded their moves a long time ago for us to some degree to learn from, and I began learning by myself really until eventually I was able to reach around 2200 to 2300 and sometimes 2400 in lichess))). I've won vs. a few NMs, CMs, FMs, IMs, and even GMs!!!))) (This is a brief explanation of my progress in chess, there is more to come))).

One of my good friends @der_nette we started training chess for fun, just through chess.com, and this is what he wrote after our training, thanks so much Thomas for your kind words))):

Then, in the state of Utah, I started also coaching some good friends that I met through the OTB chess tournaments, and a few of them were able to get first place in some tournaments! I was so happy every time that they would win one game, to me it brought like one of the greatest joys ever! happy.png

If anyone is interested in some chess coaching, send me a message here, or to my email: zionpureinheart333@gmail.com

Wish you all the best, let's reach 3000 soon, C'mon Zion!!! happy.png

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Update (Wednesday October 30th, 2019 23:13)

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