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  • Chess Mentor Demo

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1465
    This is a demo of the Chess Mentor product. We have put together a random selection of lessons from all our popular courses.
  • Start Me at the Very Beginning

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 493
    "Start Me at the Very Beginning" does exactly that. We begin with "How to move the pieces" and progress through capturing and some basic rules.
  • Squares and Rules

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 791
    "Square and Rules" begins with a number of examples designed to get the student thinking about the squares that pieces "cover". We then present the special rules of chess.
  • Basic Checkmates and More

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 719
    "Basic Checkmates and ...." presents some of the most common checkmating patterns and a few other basic concepts.
  • Introduction to Tactics

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1083
    "Introduction to Tactics" introduces the student to the tactical tools of chess (forks, pins, etc.).
  • Exclusively Checkmates

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1014
    "Exclusively Checkmates" provides a series of simple checkmate problems.
  • Step Up in Tactics

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1436
    "Step Up in Tactics" presents exercises, both checkmates and tactical, which are somewhat more difficult than the material covered so far.
  • Endings, Openings, a Taste of the Middle

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1165
    "Endings, Openings, a Taste of the Middle" begins with some endgame basics and proceeds to an in-depth coverage of king and pawn endings. We have also thrown in some opening challenges.
  • Intermediate Tactics

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1545
    "Intermediate Tactics" presents tactical exercises that are significantly more difficult than those seen up to this point.
  • Rook and Other Endgames

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1321
    "Rook and Other Endgames" covers rook endings with some minor piece and queen endings included.
  • Advanced Tactics

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1767
    "Level X: Advanced Tactics" contains tactical problems that will challenge a player rated Elo or USCF 1700 or higher if attempted without using any of the hints.
  • Critical Challenges

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1807
    Challenges by GM's W. Browne, N. de Firmian & Afi Staff This module contains a sampling of challenges produced by various members of Aficionado's staff, shareholders, and endorsers including GM Walter Browne, GM Nick de Firmian, IM John Donaldson, FM Mike Arne, and NM Art Wang.
  • Chess Potpourri

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1646
    This module with 100 challenges has something for everyone. FM Craig Mar includes some opening traps, endgames, combinations, and positional challenges. Many of the challenges are at the intermediate level (USCF or Elo ratings between 1300 and 2000) and many are at the expert and master (USCF or Elo rating above 2000) level. Mar chooses positions from many sources including his own games as well as GM's, IM's, and also amateurs.
  • Silman's Lessons in Strategy (1)

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1750
    Lessons in Strategy (1) - IM Jeremy Silman This module contains 50 very instructive positional challenges. Some are very long (exceeding 20 moves and one lasts 40 moves), and experts and masters (USCF or Elo ratings above 2000) will not find many of these to be easy. A novice or intermediate level player (USCF or Elo ratings below 2000) will find these challenges quite difficult, but they will learn a bit more with each attempt, all the way until they reach master or higher.
  • A Kaleidoscope of Openings

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1702
    A Kaleidoscope of Openings - IM John Grefe Former US Champion Grefe takes the novice and early intermediate level players (USCF or Elo ratings between 1000 and 1500) on a guided tour of many popular openings. Fundamental opening principles such as rapid development, mobility, struggle for control of the center and sound pawn structures are illustrated through practical examples. Grefe also gives numerous examples of tactical possibilities and traps in various innocent looking positions.
  • Silman Teaches Tactics (1)

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1591
    Silman Teaches Tactics - IM Jeremy Silman The 100 challenges in this module contain combinations and tactical material for intermediate and expert level players (USCF or Elo ratings between 1400 and 2000+). Some challenges here are difficult even for masters and above. However, players of all levels can enjoy and learn from these examples. Less experienced players will go over these challenges many times and continue to learn more each time as they progress in their chess knowledge and experience.
  • Silman's Lessons in Strategy (2)

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1698
    Lessons in Strategy (2) - IM Jeremy Silman This module continues with strategic positional challenges similar in difficulty to those contained in Silman's Lessons in Chess Strategy (1). Some are very long, and experts and masters (USCF or Elo ratings above 2000) will not find many of these to be easy. A novice or intermediate level player (USCF or Elo ratings below 2000) will find these challenges quite difficult, but they will learn a bit more with each attempt, all the way until they reach master...
  • Pawn Endings: Beginner to Expert

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1278
    Pawn Endings from Beginner to Expert - IM Eric Tangborn & FM Thomas Wolski. With the 100 challenges in this module, Tangborn & Wolski cover king and pawn endings thoroughly. Basic concepts (square of the pawn, king and 1 pawn vs. king basic wins and draws, opposition, triangulation, etc.) are covered. Then the challenges get progressively harder until the final ones cause masters to scratch their heads. King and pawn endings are the basic building blocks for any players? sound endgame technique...
  • World Champions at their Best (1)

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1596
    World Champions at Their Best (1) - IM Jeremy Silman This module is the first in a series that represent Silman's best work ever and which have the earmarks of becoming classics. This first module will cover the period from the first World Championship match in 1834 between La Bourdonnais and MacDonnell up to the Steinitz era in the 1880's. Compared to the modern eras, there is a dearth of literature and analysis regarding pre-twentieth century championship chess. Silman breaks new ground with...
  • Master Your Technique

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1631
    This module contains 50 rich and thoroughly analyzed lessons. The majority of these lessons focus on complex middlegame positions, the art of transition from the middlegame to the ending, and on endings themselves. This course is aimed at all players from the intermediate level to masters. Experts and Masters (FIDE and USCF Ratings over 2000) will not find these challenges easy. Many of the lessons will be hard for the intermediate player, but they will learn a bit more with each attempt until they...
  • World Champions (2): The Lasker Years

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1758
    World Champions (2)-The Lasker Years, by IM Jeremy Silman. Jeremy continues his historical trek, moving on to the games of the man whose reign as World Champion lasted longer than any other -- an amazing 27 years. Emanuel Lasker was a polymath; in addition to his chess, he was an accomplished mathematician and philosopher who was also a personal friend of Albert Einstein. Lasker believed that chess was a struggle, and was probably the first champion to take a psychological approach to chess....
  • Build Your Technique

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1463
    Build Your Technique - FM Thomas Wolski. Wolski follows his popular "Master Your Technique" with this new course which contains less difficult material. "Build Your Technique" is aimed at players with USCF or Elo ratings between 1200 and 1600, although some of the later challenges will not be easy for 1800 to 2000 rated players. The 110 challenges include some openings, middlegames, endgames, and a lot of tactics. This course is designed to enhance the overall understanding of chess for an intermediate...
  • Roots of Positional Understanding

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 2067
    The Roots of Positional Understanding, by IM Jeremy Silman. Are you ever at a loss for what to do when there are no immediate tactics in sight? If so, then you need to learn the basics of positional play. The master seems to optimally place his pieces with effortless ease where they coordinate well and control key lines and squares. This is because he sees the board as a structural entity. Using 300 hundred brief Challenges, Silman gives you the basics of this same positional sense and vision....
  • IBM Deep Blue vs. Kasparov

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1679
    Kasparov - IBM Deep Blue Matches, by Aficionado's Staff. These 24 challenges come from the historic 1996 match and 1997 rematch between World Champion Garry Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue super-computer. These are the same challenges that were uploaded to Aficionado's special website daily as the games were played during the 1997 rematch. These challenges are richly annotated with extensive natural language to allow beginners and novices to follow world class chess with understanding provided by...
  • The Sicilian Defense

    Kiwango cha Wastani: 1704
    This course contains 41 challenges chosen from all of the important systems in the Sicilian Defense and is suitable for players of all levels. You will learn all of the basic opening principles for both White and Black and also come across many original ideas and novelties. Players with Elo ratings up to 1800 and perhaps even higher will benefit from this course module. Novices may have some difficulty with these challenges, but will gain a good introduction to the Sicilian and the main strategies...

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