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    If you would like to submit puzzles like this for inclusion in tactics trainer then visit

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    good problem

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    this is one where you could do nothing else that made any stategical sense at all

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    This is an important problem.  First, black has the opposition, then white gets it, I didn't know this was possible.  

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    It's probably better regarded as an example of outflanking.

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    I played for a draw with h5.  

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    If would not have got this one if you gave me three tries. Frown

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    I didn't have a clue on this one. good end game practice.

    Dark n Stormy makes a very good point. whever has the opposition in endgame, should have the advantage

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    Problem Solved!

    You Play: white
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    I somehow got every move right without having a clue why I was doing them.  I think I understand how zugzwang for black means he/she can't stick near that pawn but that's pretty hard...

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    Problem Solved!
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    i love these types of problems

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    Attempted ... 11/13/2014

    "Most Gods throw dice, but FATE plays chess and you don't find out til it's too late, that he's been playing with 2 queens all along.

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    Mr Copperhead, there were 3 Fates, and none were male.

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    I think I'm missing something but I'm not sure what. Maybe the problem would be more satisfying if it ended with a pawn capture? or a promotion? I mean, if the problem stops here, it could just as easily stop after the very first move. I mean, what's the difference?

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    raswartz, there are probably multiple equally good continuations, TT doesn't do exercises with multiple solutions. The key is to notice that black is in Zugzwang at the end of the exercise. Here is a continuation that should make white's advantage more obvious. There are probably better continuations but...

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    Thanks, Forking_A.

    I'd rather try to solve a puzzle that begins where this puzzle ends than the one we actually got. I've got a limited horizon in terms of how many moves I can see ahead and it seems like every move in this puzzle was obvious until it ended.

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    np, raswartz. You could always use the "try vs Computer" option too, if you want to see how the exercise can continue. That's helped me lots too when I didn't understand a particular exercise. 

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    I know, it's only tactics trainer, but I like it. 

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    And thanks for the mythology lesson Dark!

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