Automate Chess

Automate Chess

Can you create the deadliest chess army with limited resources? If you think you can, you should try playing Automate Chess!

Here's what you need to know about Automate Chess:

What Is Automate Chess?

Automate Chess is a chess variant where players have a limited amount of points to create an army composed of chess pieces. Then they watch the engine play the best moves for each side to see who emerges victorious.

Automate Chess
A possible start to a game of Automate Chess.

What Are The Rules Of Automate Chess?

The rules of Automate Chess govern the way players can choose and position the units of their army. Each player starts with 35 points that they use to "buy" pieces. The value of each piece is as follows:

  • Queen: 7
  • Rook: 4
  • Knight: 3
  • Bishop: 3
  • Pawn: 1
  • King: 0 (you must add precisely one king on the board).
Automate Chess
A possible piece setup in Automate Chess.

At the beginning of each game, players (starting with White) take turns placing six pawns on the board. After that, players can spend their points on any piece, except for the king (which goes on last and does not cost any points), according to these rules:

  • Pawns go on the second and third ranks (seventh and sixth for Black).
  • Players may place no more than 10 pawns on the board.
  • Pieces go on the first or second ranks (eighth and seventh for Black).
  • If a player reaches the pawn limit and doesn't have enough points to buy other pieces, they lose those points.
  • When a player has one or two points left, they may place their king on the board and forfeit the remaining points.

After the players spend their points and place their kings on the board, the engine takes over and plays the best move in each position. Standard chess rules apply to this part of the game. The player whose army wins gets the victory.

How To Play Automate Chess Online

It's easy to play Automate Chess on Just go to our Variants page and select Automate Chess in the options menu.

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You can find Automate Chess on our Variants page.


You now know what Automate Chess is, its rules, and how to play it online. Click the button below to play this exciting chess variant and test your strategic understanding of the game!

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