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    chess 960 | vineyards, Czech Republic

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    Given the preponderance of draws now posssibe  in World Title matches due to the excessive knowledge of both player's of the other player's techniques and preferences, I've been thinking that the World Title should...

  • Ajedrez aleatorio de Bobby Fischer o Ajedrez 960

                                                                  AJEDREZ 960 El ajedrez aleatorio de Fischer, también llamado ajedrez 960, es una variante del ajedrez propuesta por Bobby Fischer en la que la posición...

  • Grandmaster Blitz Battle 2016 all games in 960 chess

    • XAJIK
    • Nov 2, 2016, 5:48 AM

     Четвертьфиналы Хикару с Пенталой Харикришной 5+2  П-Х ( 1/2) https://www.chess.com/live/game/1565379571 3+2 Х-П (1-0)  https://www.chess.com/live/game/1565492347 1+1 П-Х (0-1)  https://www.chess.com/live/game/1565560550 Карлсен-...

  • A crazy game of 960 chess ...

    I played one game of "Fischer-Random" (960) Daily Chess against an opponent. It only took a few days and did not go that many moves but I thought that I would lightly annotate it here.   The moves were:  1.c4,...

  • Trump Live-Tweets The GM Blitz Battle Championship?

    "We'll make [trade] deals. But this is a complex deal with many countries. You have to see the arrows all over the place...You have to be like a grand chess master, and we don't have any of them." -- Donald J. Trump,...

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  • New Laws of Chess

    The basic laws of chess hardly change at all through the years, but there can be a great deal of tinkering around the edges. The latest official FIDE laws of chess were published on 1 July, and contained a few...

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