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  • 5 Dumb Things Your Non-Chess Friends Say

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    Positional Attacks The third installment of the best-selling series of attack books - Formation Attacks, Formation Attack Strategies, and now, Positional Attacks is another 500 page book, full of great attack information with 533 fabulous attack ... | Read More

    • alekhine's death

      friends i hope all of you be fine... for years i have had a  great chess history restlessness . how it happened the death of Alekhine???? . i have read it happened when he was having dinner in a hotel dept...drink abuse or suicide thesis and ... | Read More

      • rovet
      • | Aug 18, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • Welcome to Chess.com "Cheap Coward Cheater"

      Today was my second day at Chess.com and many members have been warm and welcoming. I appreciate that.  Sadly, when I played in a tournament today, one of the opponents that I beat let loose with a string of expletives and posted the message p... | Read More

    • D-Day...6/6/44...What is the "D" for?

      War is Hell The history books are never written by the losing side. Think about it. Why do we believe what we believe. Remember... there are TWO sides to every story. The following was taken from http://www.tomatobubble.com/d_da... | Read More

      • kboyer309
      • | Jun 6, 2016
    • 4th ICC Blitz Open

                        4th ICC Blitz Open:              The Strongest Online Tournament                             Hi Chess friends,                            Yesterday ki... | Read More

    • Blogs to read here - Gregori Serper

      This time I start to recommend blogs and add my personal views of them. The first blog you should read always and go back to it's first post till you have read them all is Gregori Serper's blog or article series. My reasons for this: - Great che... | Read More

      • Klauer
      • | May 15, 2016