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  • Get Better At Chess For Everyone: Comparison

    When you see a good move, don't play it. Look for a better one. This is the number-one principle in chess. Over the years, I have also told my students: You are trying to find the best move you can in a reasonable amount of time. I... | Read More

  • Korchnoi The Chess Psychologist

    The death of GM Viktor Korchnoi is a huge loss for chess. I am not going to repeat the obvious facts that he was the strongest chess player who never became the world champion or tell you about his enormous chess heritage. There are thousands... | Read More

  • Warrior at the Chess Board

          About a decade ago, WilhelmThe2nd, from sent me this article by Fedor Bohatirchuk about his personal memories of Efim Bogoljubov.  The article, which had no accompanying pictures, is given below with some elaboration ... | Read More

  • The Craziest King Moves Ever

    In one of my recent articles, I mentioned a funny story where an illegal king move was played, which made me wonder: what are the craziest king moves in the history of chess? So here I am presenting the games where such moves were made. In order... | Read More

  • Hammer's Rest Day Report: Norway Chess 2016

    Editor's note: In an exclusive to, Grandmaster Jon Ludvig Hammer writes his thoughts on what's happened in Norway so far, original analysis of some of the key games, and some fun, behind-the-scenes looks at what the players do ... | Read More

    • How to really improve at chess (no gimmicks, no lying, just the cold hard truth)

      I've been meaning to write this for a while but kept putting it off. Now that I have ten minutes of free time, I will finally take the time to write it! As a self-trained player I have come to realize that there are so many educational... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Jul 27, 2016
    • Scandinavian (center counter) defence transposing to Sicilian

      Hello! al975678 aka Alrexag in touch. I'm new here. I want to analyze my recent chess game with Society. The question is how good and strong is Scandinavian defence? Unfortunately, it is played mailny at the amateur level. If White pl... | Read More

      • al975678
      • | Jul 27, 2016
    • The Most Common Phrases In Chess Commentary (And What They Mean!)

      I'd like to break down some of the most common phrases used in chess commentary that, as far as I know, have never been clearly defined by any other source. This is a topic I've long wanted to write about, because I watch a *lot* of chess commenta... | Read More

      • hellokostya
      • | Jul 22, 2016
    • 7/22/16 (Day -7)

      Back again. Just a week left! My coach and I met again yesterday; we analyzed my latest 4 chess tournament games. I had a lot to learn; it was good. In my tournament tomorrow, there's a chance I could face a player rated 2261P4! Officially, he's... | Read More

    • The daily study routine

      Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course     My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I hope 21 days of organized study of the course will build my habit to cr... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Benko, Pal

    • 12 Reads
    • | 12 Reads

    Pal Benko was in Amiens, France on Jul 15, 1928 but grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Benko learned chess from his father in 1938, at the age of 10.  His first book was a collection of Capablanca’s chess games. In June 1945, in his first chess to... Read More »

  • Adjournment

    • 11 Reads
    • | 11 Reads

    First introduced at Paris in 1878,  adjournment is a time out between playing sessions, generally overnight.  The side that is on the move seals (writes on a piece of paper and seals it in an envelope) a legal move, sight unseen by his o... Read More »


    • 16 Reads
    • | 16 Reads

    In 1974, winner of the first World Computer Chess Championship, held in Stockholm.  The program was written at the Institute of Control Science in Moscow.  It scored 100% ahead of 11 other entries.  In 1975, the KAISSA programmers w... Read More »

  • Book, chess

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    The first European book on chess is Juegos Axedrez, dados y tablas, written in the 13th century.  The first hardback book dealing with chess, Dass Goldin Spil, was published in Augsburg in 1472.  The first chess book printed in Russia wa... Read More »