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  • Your Questions Answered By Andrew Martin

    International Master Andrew Martin from England presents a regular series of articles to answer any questions that readers have about the game of chess.  If you want to ask Andrew a question, then send...

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  • 5-0 at the Washington Class Scholastic

    There is still no editor, therefore there can not be an editor's note. Which makes me wonder how this whole note is even happening. Perhaps it is a figment of your imagination, or maybe I am a figment of your imagination- Nobody  The...

  • Скандинавска одбрана

    Почиње са : Скандинавска одбрана је отварање које почиње са 1.е4 е5 2.ед5 Дд5                                                                                                          1.е4 е5 2. de5 Qd5          ...

  • SCU - High School Invitational 2016

    Wesley Lingard from Kadina High is the 2016 chess champion at the 4th High School Invitational tournament held at Southern Cross University. Pictured shaking hands with 2nd place Jack Lowe (left) and 3rd place Nicholas Von...

  • SCU - South Grafton High Challenge 2016-T3

    Nicole Lancaster of South Grafton High School invited SCU Chess Club to host an inter-school tournament on 30-Aug-2016, with 46 players from SGHS, McAuley Catholic College, and Clarence Valley Anglican School, and...

  • Candidates R07: Nakamura beats Topalov : - Chess Base ,

    ChessBase Logo Shop Link LANGUAGE : DEENES SEARCH : OK OPENINGS A-Z caitano CAITANO ChessBase Today on Candidates Round 8 3/20/2016 – The Candidates tournament this year is taking...


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