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         In 1945, right after WWII ended, a team of United States players competed against a team of Soviet players in a chess match via radio. While the U.S. team expected stiff competition, there was little doubt in... | Read More

  • The Armenian Chess Secret

    On the free day at the Jermuk Women's Grand Prix tournament way back in 2010, I had a pleasant opportunity to chat with the hosts. My conversation with the chief organizer and famous GM Smbat Lputian inevitably touched on the r... | Read More

  • Magnus Carlsen vs Tigran Petrosian: Preview

    What's the biggest underdog story in sports? What's the biggest in chess? Thursday's much-hyped GM Blitz Battle between top-seeded World Champion Magnus Carlsen and qualifier Tigran Petrosian might seem more equal if the "other Petrosian" w... | Read More

  • Who Will Qualify To Play Magnus Carlsen?

    The Blitz Battle Qualifier to decide who will face Magnus Carlsen is here. Watch the event with live commentary at or  Round one of this 11-round, 3 0 Swiss tournament starts Tuesday, M... | Read More

  • Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle Opener April 6: Once More We Play Our Dangerous Game's first-ever GM Blitz Battle Championship is right around the corner, and the field's two most experienced players will kick things off April 6 at 10 a.m. Pacific (GMT-7), 1 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. London. What does experience come w... | Read More

    • From position #768, Carlsen beats Petrosian in chess960 phase of GM Blitz Battle

      World champion Magnus Carlsen advanced to the semifinal of the chess dot com Grandmaster Blitz Battle by beating Tigran Petrosian 20-wins-to-3 with two draws.My interest in this tournament is in the one game per round played under the chess960 rul... | Read More

    • 15+ reasons why chess is not good for you?

      Chess is considered very good for the brain. Kids become intelligent overnight after learning the moves. Blue chip companies in Europe are on the lookout for Grandmasters with some sort of university degree. Parents of chess playing kids like to b... | Read More

    • Your Next Move Grand Chess Tour

      World's Top-10 chess players battle it out in 4-day tournament   The greatest chess tournament ever staged in Belgium,Your Next Move Grand Chess Tour, will take place in the historic Town Hall of Leuven from Friday 17 June until Monday 20 J... | Read More

    • "Lasker's Successor", Alexander Kotov's article about Viktor Korchnoi

      I've started to translate the article some time ago, but today seems the most appropriate time to post it. This was published exactly half a century ago, in 1966, when Korchnoi was still a well-respected member of the Soviet chess society. Lasker... | Read More

    • 4th ICC Blitz Open

                        4th ICC Blitz Open:              The Strongest Online Tournament                             Hi Chess friends,                            Yesterday ki... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Anastasian, Ashot

    • 23 Reads
    • | 23 Reads

    Ashot Anastasian, born July 16, 1964, is a Grandmaster from Armenia.   He won the Championship of Armenia in 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1992, 1994, and 2005.  His current Elo rating is 2555.  His peak Elo rati... Read More »

  • Aginian, Nelli

    • 11 Reads
    • | 11 Reads

    Nelli Aginian was born on August 4, 1981 in Armenia.  In 2005, she was awarded the Woman Grandmaster (WGM) title.  Her highest FIDE rating was 2380.  She is the third player from Armenia, after Elina Danielian and Lilit Mkrtchian, t... Read More »

  • Abrahamyan, Tatev

    • 1795 Reads
    • | 1795 Reads

    Tatev Abrahamyan is a Woman’s International Master (WIM) who was born in Yerevan, Armenia on January 13, 1988.  In 2005, she tied for 1st in the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship, but lost the play-off match to Rusudan Goletiani. In... Read More »

  • Aronian, Levon

    • 39 Reads
    • | 39 Reads

    Levon Aronian, born Oct 6, 1982, is a Grandmaster (2001) from Armenia.   He learned chess at the age of 9.  In 1994, he won the World Under-12 Chess Championship with an 8 out 9 score.  He won the 2002 World Junior Chess Champi... Read More »

  • Akobian, Varuzhan

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Varuzhan Akobian, born Nov 19, 1983, is an International Grandmaster (2004), born in Yerevan, Armenia on November 19, 1983.  In 2002, he tied for 1st place in the World Open.  In 2002, he won the Samford Fellowship.  In 2003, he won... Read More »