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  • Hammertime In Norway

    In our next installment of "Amazing Games," you're sure to be blown away by the time and travels of GM Jon Ludvig Hammer. Hammer is one of the best players in the world and has been a part of some of the best games...

  • The New Yorker Or The Norwegian: Who Ya Got?

    You've marked your calendar for October 27.  You've read the reasons you should watch the biggest event in online chess history. You've read the stats and analytics showing just how incredibly...

  • 7 Bullet Chess Tips By Hikaru Nakamura

    • GM Hikaru
    • Apr 12, 2016, 12:44 AM

    Editor’s note: Hikaru Nakamura is widely considered the best speed chess player in history. A vote by titled players confirmed this last year. Nakamura will face World Champion Magnus Carlsen...

  • Carlsen vs Grischuk: Blitz Battle Facts vs Feelings

    GM Magnus Carlsen has proven himself the world's best in classical, rapid, and blitz. Now it's time to face the bullet. Having won official world championships in three disciplines, there aren't many mountains...

  • GM Blitz Battle Historical Archive's GM Blitz Battle Championship began in 2016. With Death Matches as the precursor, this championship is different in several regards. The Blitz Battles are still three hours in length, but each...

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  • 8th London Chess Classic preview

    The 2016 London Chess Classic starts Friday and features all of the world’s Top 10 apart from Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin. The explosive first round will see the biggest grudge match in chess – Kramnik-Topalov...

  • Mundial de xadrez: match dos gênios

    • Aarao
    • Nov 6, 2016, 4:37 PM

    O Mundial de xadrez vai cumprir a sua tradição de atribuição do título, que começou em 1886, o mais antigo na história do desporto. O match realiza-se em Nova Iorque (EUA), entre 11 e 30 deste mês, e vai continuar,...

  • Prelúdios do Campeonato Mundial de Xadrez

    • Aarao
    • Nov 2, 2016, 5:51 AM

    Os xadrezistas de todo o mundo, e os amantes do xadrez em particular, estão ansiosos pelo dia 11 de Novembro, em Nova Iorque, onde se jogará o Campeonato Mundial de Xadrez entre o actual campeão do mundo Magnus...

  • The Battle Between Strategy and Tactics!

    One of the biggest obstacles to mastering chess is learning how to combine all the different elements at once. We see a way to win a pawn but our opponent will gain activity. Or we want to keep our pawn structure...

  • Tal Memorial 2016 - Round 8

    All drawn and somewhat confusing games in Moscow. I didn't understand Aronian-Li Chao before the rook endgame and Nepo-Anand was similarly weird. Kramnik really loves chess, he was a pawn up on move 24 and went...

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  • Aronian, So, Kramnik Win; Take Early London Lead

    Last year's inaugural Grand Chess Tour ended with a late-night playoff in London after the final round. This year, the opening day may end up being the decider. The concluding London Chess Classic, the...

  • London Chess Classic Takes Off Tomorrow

    It's the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour, and it's just around the corner: the London Chess Classic. Tomorrow the traditional super tournament in the British capital starts with eight players from the world's...

  • Rapport Plays Move Of The Year

    The European Club Cup has been packed with fighting chess, surprising upsets, and tense matches. After four rounds, only team Alkaloid (fielding 2700s Dmitry Andreikin, Pavel Eljanov, Dmitry Jakovenko, Yu Yangyi,...

  • European Club Cup Jam-Packed With Stars

    Many chess stars gathered Sunday in the Serbian city of Novi Sad for the 32nd European Chess Club Cup and the 21st European Chess Club Cup for Women. Photo Lennart Ootes. Novi Sad certainly is a chess-minded...

  • November FIDE Ratings: Carlsen-Karjakin Is #1 vs #9

    The 2016 World Championship match will be played between the world number-one and the world number-nine. The November FIDE rating list has Magnus Carlsen on top with an Elo of 2853, whereas Sergey Karjakin is...

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