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    • A Ruy Lopez ... without the theory?

      Everyone knows the "Ruy Lopez" ... (also called "The Spanish Torture!") ... ... ... it was GM/World Champ Bobby Fischer's favorite opening. (See some games in this opening.)   It begins with: 1.e4, e5;  2.Nf3, Nc6;  3.Bb5.  (See the diagram... | Read More

    • Interesting games from the Sinquefield Cup 2016

      Today, we analyze the most interesting games from the recent Sinquefield Cup 2016. This tournament took place in St Louis, and the most interesting point about it is that we could see ten of the strongest chess players in the world in action.... | Read More

    • Wesley So Wins 2016 Sinquefield Cup

      My favorite chess tournament now has a new winner. Wesley So cruised through the tournament without a single loss, combining great opening preparation, strong tactics, and subtle positional understanding to win the cup. He lead the field with h... | Read More

    • HOW to Build an Opening Repertoire

      I recently viewed a blog titled "Build Your Opening Repertoire" <--click on the link to view the excellent video with a bunch of advice about building an opening repertoire. Which gave me the idea for this blog about HOW to build an opening rep... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Aug 15, 2016
    • Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Rounds 6&7

      A monster post covering 2 rounds and way past my bedtime here! Going to the mountains when it's scorching hot in the city is always a great idea, but lack of internet means missing the games in St. Louis! Anyway, great rounds 6 and 7, if for diff... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Adams, Michael

    • 8 Reads
    • | 8 Reads

    Michael Adams was born on Nov 17, 1971 in Truro, Cornwall, England.  He learned chess from his father at the age of 6. In November 1979, he played in his first chess tournament, the Cornwall Under-10 Championship, and won it.  In 1980, Adams... Read More »

  • Corus Chess Tournament

    • 5 Reads
    • | 5 Reads

    The Corus Chess Tournament is a major chess tournament played in the small seaside town of Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. Founded in 1938 for Dutch players only, it became an international event in 1946 and has grown into one of the most presti... Read More »

  • Aronian, Levon

    • 41 Reads
    • | 41 Reads

    Levon Aronian, born Oct 6, 1982, is a Grandmaster (2001) from Armenia.   He learned chess at the age of 9.  In 1994, he won the World Under-12 Chess Championship with an 8 out 9 score.  He won the 2002 World Junior Chess Champi... Read More »