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  • A Stroke of Genius- Powerful Moves! Zukertort!

    When I look at the games of certain Masters, like Zukertort, Lasker and Nimzowitch, I am impressed by the power of their moves. Some of their moves are like cannons, they have so much weight and truth behind them!   In...

  • A.J. (FLchessplayer) looks at chess traps ... ... ...

    In this blog, I will examine a few chess traps ... and what makes them work. OK? (Look for the free PDF book by Bill Wall! See the Google search link - above.) And be sure to visit my main web site, I have two...

  • Must Know Traps Against the Caro-Kann Defense - Part 2

    In my first article on the Caro-Kann Defense, I explained the basic tactics of defending against this opening as white.  In this article we will focus on The Tricks & Traps that are often found and executed...

  • USCL Week 6 preview/predictions

    Unfortunately I've been pretty busy this week, so the recap of last week's games will be a little late. However, since it wouldn't make much sense to post predictions after the matches have finished, I figured I'd...

  • Ruy Lopez Opening

    The Ruy Lopez Opening, also called the Spanish Opening, is named after a 16th-century Spanish priest who made a systematic study of the opening that bears his name. First recorded in chess manuscripts in 1561, it...

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