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  • Walker

    George  Walker    George Walker's life (1803-1879) spanned one of the most remarkable periods of chess.  As a chess player, he met and played such personalities as John Cochrane, William Lewis, Alexander McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Pierre Charl... | Read More

  • Chess Caviar

       One of the most interesting continual threads in the forums is called "Post Your Own Miniatures Here."  Many very good players post their less-than-thirty-moves games showing off their skill, and sometimes brilliance, in punishing... | Read More

  • The Rock Scrapbook

    Scrapbook Prologue:      The U.S. Open chess tournament has been around since 1900 when it was called the Western Chess Association Championship and first won by Louis Uedemann, the creator of the Uedemann Code which was used to send chess m... | Read More

  • Bill Addison (1933-2008)

    A few weeks ago, Joanne Addison, widow of International Master Bill Addison, saw an article I wrote at about players that quit chess.  I used a statement that Pal Benko wrote in his autobiography that wasn't quite true, and Joanne corre... | Read More

  • Terrific Tips on Ten Tricky Traps to Try

    So you want to get better.  You are a beginner or weak player, or just want to beat a certain player. But you keep on losing.  You fall for traps or play a bad opening or make bad moves.  You overlook unprotected pieces or miss comb... | Read More

    • Made in Latvia (Part 1)

      Listed in no particular order, here are a dozen things or people you should know or already know about Latvia as far as chess and draughts (or checkers) is concerned.  #1 GM Mihails Tāls (Mikhail Tal)  'He was a man in whose presence others... | Read More

    • How to Cheat at Chess

      Cheating in chess is widely deemed to be the greatest threat to the future of chess. Many amateurs and even many professionals regularly state that cheating is rampant. Accusations pervade every level of chess from the lowest levels of online ches... | Read More

      • SamCopeland
      • | Jul 28, 2015
    • Hungarian Brigitta Sinka, 87, clinches world chess record

      After spending most of her life playing simultaneous chess, one senior Hungarian pensioner has finally captured a world record established by a 1920s Cuban grandmaster.   Brigitta Sinka Sets World Chess Record Brigitta Sinka, 87, has spent ... | Read More

      • a1acme
      • | Jun 29, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Walter Browne, R.I.P.

      I was shocked when I heard that Walter Browne had died in his sleep in Las Vegas at age 66.   I first met Walter Browne in 1969 at the American Open in Santa Monica.  We were good friends and played tennis together.  Many of the major tourname... | Read More

      • billwall
      • | Jun 27, 2015
    • My Games vs BillWall

      billwall is an amazing chess player. He currently has a rating of 2290. His tactical vision is extraordinary and his play is at master level. I have played 9 times and he completely destroyed the first 8 times. Then came our ninth game a... | Read More

  • IM Emory Tate, 1958-2015

    Not every chess legend has "GM" before his name. IM Emory Tate used an uncompromising style and indefatigable h-pawn throughout his multi-continental career. His energy on and of the board finally came to an end Saturday, dying in the middle of ... | Read More

  • Building Part 10 - The Team

    Today was featured in a great video news piece in which I (Erik) had a few embarrassing interview clips. In the video I was referred to as the "creator" of, and I just wanted to let everyone know how far from true tha... | Read More

    • erik
    • | Feb 29, 2008
    • | 7477 reads
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  • 2 New Chess Mentor Courses from FM Eric Schiller! has commited to releasing at LEAST one new course every month for Chess Mentor. In January you got awesome new courses from IM Jeremy Silman and one from our very own Bill Wall (both EXCELLENT courses!!). For February we are releasing tw... | Read More

    • erik
    • | Jan 30, 2008
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  • Game of the Week Award - Sep 1, 2007

    The first game of the week award was for the period Sunday, 26th August, to Saturday 1st September, 2007. Three games were nominated: billwall vs. chessbot3000 looked vs. Don1 weixi vs. Etienne    This made me redundant in my job of re... | Read More

  • Building Part 1 - Getting Started

    A lot of people have asked about how got started, how it is doing now, and where it is going, so I thought I would share some of the inside story :) as an online chess community was an idea I conceived a few years ago. I enjoye... | Read More

  • Acers, Jude Frazer

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    Jude Acers was born in Long Beach on April 6, 1944.  He is a U.S. senior chess master living in New Orleans who has set several world record simultaneous exhibition records.  He learned to play chess at age 7 and was a master at age 17.  In 1... Read More »

  • Abrahams, Gerald

    • 19 Reads
    • | 19 Reads

    Gerald Abrahams (1907-1980) was British lawyer (barrister), chess master and chess author.   His eight chess books include Teach Yourself Chess (1948), The Chess Mind (1952), Handbook of Chess (1960), Technique in Chess (1961), Test Your Chess... Read More »

  • Abonyi, Istvan

    • 30 Reads
    • | 30 Reads

    Istvan Abonyi (1886-1942) was a Hungarian master.  He was born and died in Budapest.  In 1912, he played the Abonyi Gambit (1.Nf3 d5 2.e4) for the first time. In 1916, he played the Budapest Gambit (1.a3 Nf6 2.b3 e5) against  the Dutch surge... Read More »

  • Al Rakib, Abdullah

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    Abdullah (Abdulla) Al-Rakib was born in Bangladesh on December 2, 1980.  He became Bangladesh's fourth Grandmaster in September, 2007. He took 2nd place in the Bangladesh championship in 2003, 2004, and 2006.  He won the Bangladesh championship... Read More »

  • Aaron, Manuel

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    • | 20 Reads

    Manuel Aaron was India’s first modern master and first International Master.  He was born in Toungoo, Burma (now Myanmar) on December 30, 1935 and became an International Master in 1961 (the next Indian International Master was V. Ravi in 1978... Read More »