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    • Nov 11, 2010, 2:06 PM is #1 in online chess... But who are we? Where did come from? Where are we going? The started in 2005 when two friends — Jay and Erik (that's me!) — decided the...

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  • Hillary can't recall ... sure Here are five of the most outrageous statements Clinton made in that three-and-a-half hour FBI interview: 1. She cited her 2012 concussion...

  • Entitled much, Hillary? WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton and her team ignored clear guidance from the State Department that her email setup broke federal standards...

  • More Puzzles!

    Check regularly for updates! (Max difficulty is 10 stars) 1. Me vs. A Computer on my Blackberry Tablet (Diff: ******) 2. Composition by me

  • Sparring with Compy 1: Dazzling Debut!

    My desktop PC has been lately suffering from a chronic inability to load's live chess server as well as let me move pieces on corrospondence chess, live chess, tactics trainer, chess mentor, et cetera....

  • Uncovering Masterndut's Plastic Mask or Who is Masterndut?

    Hello everyone. Please note that the person behind this account is NOT the one who has a username, Masterndut, but somebody who knows, based on reliable information, who Masterndut is. The purpose of...

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