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  • Too Many Alerts

    Time: 10.48pm Site: Internet speed: Bottomed out (slow) Alerts: Too damned many ... Right now this is what I am facing... Tournament Games chiquillo - view | ignore Shimofuri - view | ignore galnakon...

  • Dancing By Moonlight

  • Avatar

    I went to see avatar the other day on the IMAX in 3D and OMG wow it was incredible. Anyway I typed into youtube "avatar" to see if it shows any clips of the film and this video came up, so me being inquisitive as...

  • Involved

    This is the first day I was #1 on the BBG most active list! YAY! Here's who else ranked up! see all active members bad1995 95 points Ambach 91 points Fqamariddinqamariddi 77 points blackfirestorm666 75 points jamesamble...


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