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    • Positional Analysis #1

      Position #1: This position arose in one of my games. In my desire to obtain the bishop pair, I took his bishop, when actually there was a much better move that wins more material. Fxe4!   Position #2: Black has a choice here to capture the b... | Read More

      • kdog3682
      • | Oct 21, 2016
    • What's New In The Latest iOS App?

      Plenty! The latest and greatest version of our iOS app has arrived, bringing some bug-fixes but also some great improvements and new features too! Apple Watch SupportYou can't make moves from your wrist quite yet...but we're getting there! ... | Read More

      • News
      • | Oct 21, 2016
    • Sick and tired of cheaters -_-

      I decide to stay away for this site for good, today, i'm reaching the limit of 200 blocked players and i think this is enough!!!  like too many people were talking on cheating forum... if this page have 15 millions of players, at least the 1% ar... | Read More

      • EddyElm91
      • | Oct 20, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • The often cruel nature of hard puzzles

      Everyone who has spent any time trying to improve at chess has invariable run across the instruction that first claims chess is 99% tactics followed by advocating tactics to improve your chess playing strength.  I certainly agree.  This often wo... | Read More

      • bunkerputt
      • | Oct 17, 2016
    • Chess And Poker Blitz With Jen Shahade

      I often get asked whether I enjoy poker or chess more -- my choice is obviously to play both at the same time. As a member of Team PokerStars, I'm really excited that they have incorporated poker and chess mixed events into upcoming tour stop... | Read More

      • jenshahade
      • | Oct 17, 2016

Video Lessons


  • 2 rooks checkmate

    • 35 Reads
    • | 35 Reads

    A checkmate is where you force the enemy in such a way that the enemy king has nowhere to go. Now, a two rook checkmate is an easy way of winning. First, you block the escapade route of the enemy king with one of your rooks. Then you give check t... Read More »

  • pin; a way to win

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    Pins are a way to win because the piece checks the king and the knight, bishop, rook or queen can block it.This is a severe weakness becase if  the pinner is less valueable than the blocker,the pinner can capture the blocker and get a bigger va... Read More »

  • Scholar's Mate

    • 69 Reads
    • | 69 Reads

    Scholar's Mate is also known as the "4 move mate". It is mostly this:           You can't trust it in all cases though,this is why:It Can be blocked and puts your pieces in a bad position. Once you block it you will usually win the ga... Read More »

  • Back Rank Mates

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    A back rank mate is when a rook or queen check cannot be escaped from.   Also, it can occurr when the piece defending the back rank is pinned. Finally, a back rank checkmate works if the defender cannot block. Back rank mates are howevr on... Read More »

  • Values

    • 20 Reads
    • | 20 Reads

    Each of the pieces in chess has a different value indicating its usefulness relative to other pieces. Under most systems, including that used in the "Details" section of games, a pawn is worth one point, a knight is worth three points, a... Read More »