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  • Peanut M&Ms and the PCL Matchups I Can’t WAIT to See

    • shaun
    • Jan 9, 2017, 1:12 PM

    Ever see that kid in the grocery line yelling at his mother because he just HAS TO HAVE THOSE PEANUT M&Ms or he’ll die.  That’s me, and mamma just gave me ‘dem M&Ms. The Pro Chess...

  • Celebrating 100k Subscribers on YouTube Party!

    ...and YOU'RE invited! On Wednesday, December 14th at 10am Pacific, I'll be hosting a party on It will be my party. So I can cry if I want to. Laugh if I want to. Play Bullet chess until we drop, if...

  • - Policy of Double Standards

    I really enjoy chess. I think the general design of is brilliant. But the machine is as only as good as it's operator. I have watched this site for a long time.  While I see certain Moderators helping...

  • Chess And Poker Blitz With Jen Shahade

    I often get asked whether I enjoy poker or chess more -- my choice is obviously to play both at the same time. As a member of Team PokerStars, I'm really excited that they have incorporated poker and chess...

  • Two Ambitious Resolutions

    What a week! I learned many things at this year's meetup in Miami, but two hit home very hard: 1. We are very privileged to work at a place such as this, where the culture is friendly, welcoming,...


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