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Location: United Arab Emirates
Joined: 8/3/15
Last Online: 8/3/15
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    • How to calculate - Final training case study report

      First a complaint. isn't really interested in bloggers here. The new design kills some blogging features without substitute and the last trial to add something to the blog inventory lead to deleting parts of the entries. Feedback in the ... | Read More

      • Klauer
      • | Jun 11, 2016
    • DCA (Delhi Chess Association ) International Fide Rated Tournament

      Well friends  I came to delhi to increase my rating .well let me tell u it's rules and no of players etc .  So the seduce  14/5/16 = 10:00 hrs/ 1st round 14/5/16 = 13:00hrs  / 2nd round  14/5/16 = 17:00hrs / 3rd round  15/5/16  = 9:00... | Read More

      • Caitano05
      • | May 15, 2016
    • You wan't to be a top blogger?

      Hi!:3 So, you want to be a top blogger, but how? Here the answer. Im not a top blogger, so how do you know how to be one? simple i don't use this tips I wan't to be original and write about my own ideas and topics and be recognized by that, n... | Read More

    • My impression: WC Candidates, Moscow 2016

      Hello everybody! I'm a common chess player from Russia, I live in Moscow and I want to share with all the players of my joy and pleasure of being in the centre of the one of the most important chess events in the world! I will tell you... | Read More

      • Aisteron
      • | Mar 27, 2016
    • Top Blogger Status Award

      I would like to announce that as of now, I am a top blogger! This means that my posts are now publicly visible to all of I would like to thank all my readers for consistently reading and supporting my blog. I know many good bloggers out... | Read More