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    Blunder S. | Turkmenistan

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    Dr. Blunders | United States

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    Bezel Blunders | Denver, Netherlands

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    Master Blunders | Cihampelas, Indonesia

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  • Do Not Misuse Your Chess Computer!

    My favorite episode from The Prince And The Pauper happens towards the end of the story: "Speak up, good lad, and fear nothing," said the king. "How used you the Great Seal of England?" Tom stammered a moment,...

  • Chess And Political Correctness

    The world has gone crazy! Did I just say it aloud? I am sorry; I used to better control what I say. In fact it was something you would learn from your early childhood in the former Soviet Union. As the...

  • Pattern Recognition—Fact Or Fiction?

    Chess players, chess authors and chess psychologists attempt to teach and explain chess playing with the concept of "pattern recognition": Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess...

  • Don’t Mock The Mockingbird

    • IM Silman
    • Dec 8, 2016, 4:33 AM

    This week we’re going to look at the games of the member Mockingbird2, who is majoring in chemical engineering but thinks he can become a chess master in another two years. At the moment he’s...

  • The 7 Most Shocking World Championship Blunders

    Is 51.Qe6? from Magnus Carlsen in game 8 one of the worst blunders in world championship history? Well... probably not  After all, Sergey Karjakin did need to find the incredible only-move 51...h5! to win the...

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